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All MPLVITA.COM content and links are from, or to, sites that are freely available to anyone. AARP material that is for volunteers only is not available here. The "Bogarts" site, a collection of tax tools constructed by Jeff Bogarts of the Colorado AARP, is linked here, as it is not AARP-protected. Thanks to Mr. Bogarts. Some content is my own; most is from the IRS; some is from the Connecticut and Maryland taxing authorities.

While no instuctions are necessary to use the web site, it might be helpful to know why links are two different colors. The blue links are links to external web pages, pages that do not reside within MPLVITA.COM. Clicking a blue link will usually open a new tab for the external page and that tab will become the open tab. MPLVITA will remain open in its own tab. You are free to close any tab or to select any available tab. Greenish links are links to another page within MPLVITA.COM. No new tab will open. You will simply be taken to the selected page and you can navigate to other pages within MPLVITA at your pleasure. A yellow link will take you back to the page before.

Finally, if you want to contact me, you may email me at [email protected] Thanks for looking.

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